Appendix - Future Enhancements to Stratis Smart ContractsΒΆ

We are committed to continually improving Stratis smart contracts. Future enhancements include:

  • Optimizing compiler output to reduce the size of contracts stored on-chain.

  • Improvements to the validation output. For example, plans exist to show the line where non-deterministic code has been detected.

  • Further integration with Microsoft Visual Studio so live feedback is provided during coding. This will identify potential bugs, non-deterministic code, and also suggest improvements for the smart contract.

  • Support for event and logs to facilitate communication between smart contracts and their user interfaces.

  • Support for a web3-like front-end library to facilitate communication between smart contracts and web applications.

  • Improvements to the testing utilities. This includes the ability to auto-generate a blockchain state and the ability to measure the gas required for a smart contract method call.

  • Standard interfaces for common smart contracts. This includes an ERC20-type token interface.

  • Native F# support.

  • A self-destruct functionality for smart contracts.

  • NuGet distribution for common smart contract libraries.