class ConnectionManager(**kwargs)

Implements the connectionmanager api endpoints.

addnode(ipaddr: str, command: str, **kwargs) bool

Interface for the addnode command. Can continuously try to addnode, remove node, or onetry a node connection.

  • ipaddr (str) – The endpoint.

  • command (str) – Allowed commands [add, remove, onetry]

  • **kwargs – Extra keyword arguments.


If command was successful.

Return type:



APIError – Error thrown by node API. See message for details.

getpeerinfo(**kwargs) List[PeerInfoModel]

Gets the peer info.


**kwargs – Extra keyword arguments.


A list of connected peers.

Return type:



APIError – Error thrown by node API. See message for details.


class PeerInfoModel(*, id: int, addr: str, addrlocal: str, services: str, relaytxes: bool, lastsend: int, lastrecv: int, bytessent: int, bytesrecv: int, conntime: int, timeoffset: int, pingtime: int, minping: int, pingwait: int, version: int, subver: str, inbound: bool, addnode: bool, startingheight: int, banscore: int, synced_headers: int, synced_blocks: int, whitelisted: bool, inflight: bool = None, bytessent_per_msg: int = None, bytesrecv_per_msg: int = None)

A pydantic model with power information..

peer_id: int

The peer id.

addr: str

The peer address.

addrlocal: str

The local peer address.

services: str

Peer services.

relaytxes: bool

Relay transactions.

lastsend: int

Last send.

lastrecv: int

Last received.

bytessent: int

Bytes sent.

bytesrecv: int

Bytes received.

conntime: int

Connection time in seconds.

timeoffset: int

The peer time offset in seconds.

pingtime: int

The ping time in ms.

minping: int

The minimum ping time.

pingwait: int

The point wait time.

version: int

The peer version

subver: str

The peer subversion.

inbound: bool

Inbound connected peer.

addnode: bool

If true, peer was connected by addnode.

starting_height: int

Connection starting height.

banscore: int

The peer’s ban score.

synced_headers: int

The number of synced headers.

synced_blocks: int

The number of synced blocks.

whitelisted: bool

If true, peer is whitelisted.

inflight: bool | None

Inflight peer.

bytessent_per_msg: int | None

Bytes sent per message.

bytesrecv_per_msg: int | None

Bytes received per message.