Creating a Network

This section specifically focuses on those who are wanting to develop in a headless environment. If you would prefer to complete the tutorials with the use of a GUI, please follow the GUI focused guides on Setup Local Environment.


This guide requires Docker Community Edition to be installed, this can be obtained from here

Starting a Network

To begin, you first need to obtain the relevant Docker Image from the following repository and clone the respective repository.

docker pull stratisplatform/stratisfullnode:Stratis.CirrusMinerD-

Once the Docker Image has been pulled, you can bring up a network of your choosing by executing the below command.

docker run -p 38223:38223 stratisplatform/stratisfullnode:Stratis.CirrusMinerD-

Interacting with the Network

Once the network is running, you can interact with each node via RESTFul API, available on http://localhost:38223/Swagger that is presented by the node. The available endponints are documented on the Stratis Core API Reference page.