Creating a Proposal

  1. Create a wallet and fund with at least 1 CRS


If you are unsure how to obtain CRS, instructions can be found on the Stratis Academy, located here:

  1. Navigate to Smart Contracts Tab

  1. Select “Call Contract” button

  1. Add relevant parameters for Creating a Proposal


Call Contract Summary

Sender: CckErAtdqkxx1ZLRmRj4akE9r9H8s8szw4

This is the selected address that is interacting with the Smart Contract.

Amount: 0

We are not sending any funds, we are interacting with a Smart Contract.

Fee: 0.001

This is the default fee and can be left as default value

Gas Price: 100

This is the default Gas Price and can be left as default value

Gas Limit: 50000

This is the default Gas Price and can be left as default value


Address: CckErAtdqkxx1ZLRmRj4akE9r9H8s8szw4

This parameter defines where, if successful, the requested funds will be distributed to. Ensure that this is an owned address.

ULong: 1000000000000

This parameter defines that requested funding from the Stratis Decentralized Accelerator. In this example, we are requesting 10,000 CRS (in a ‘satoshi’ format)

UInt: 27000

This parameter defines the length of the proposal vote. The value is defined in ‘blocks’. This value can be determined using the below formula.

Seconds per Day (86,400) / Cirrus Block Time (16) * Days (5)

The above result ensures that the proposal vote remains active for at least 5 days.

It is important to note that requested amounts will not be released until the proposal length has passed. i.e. If a proposal recieves 51% of IDGB voting in favour within the first 24hr, but the proposal length is set to 5 days the proposal cannot be executed until the 5th day has passed.

String: Test Proposal

This parameter defines a brief description of the proposal.

Method Name: CreateProposal

This is the Smart Contract method that we are interacting with to create a proposal.

Contract Address: CbtYboKjnk7rhNbEFzn94UZikde36h6TCb

This is the mainnet Stratis Decentralized Accelerator Smart Contract Address. The address defined here should not be used for creating production proposals.

Wallet Password: *******

This is your wallet password.

  1. Select Call Contract once you are confident with the populated fields.


The “HASH” of the Smart Contract call can be selected to view the respective detail.

  1. The response will look similar to the below





"gasUsed": 12833,

"from": "CckErAtdqkxx1ZLRmRj4akE9r9H8s8szw4",

"to": "CbtYboKjnk7rhNbEFzn94UZikde36h6TCb",

"newContractAddress": null,

"success": true,

"returnValue": "2",


"error": null,

"logs": [


"address": "CbtYboKjnk7rhNbEFzn94UZikde36h6TCb",

"topics": [






"log": {

"recipent": "CckErAtdqkxx1ZLRmRj4akE9r9H8s8szw4",

"proposalId": 2,

"amount": 1000000000000,

"description": "Test Proposal"




  1. The “log” detail provides the information that should be presented to the InterFlux Decentralized Governance Board.

"log": {

"recipent": "CckErAtdqkxx1ZLRmRj4akE9r9H8s8szw4",

"proposalId": 2,

"amount": 1000000000000,

"description": "Test Proposal"