Branding the STO Platform User Guide

The STO Platform User Guide is supplied as a Word file so you can brand it for your STO before publishing it.

  1. Replace all instances of <your_company> with the name of your organization.

  2. Replace all instances of <your_tokens> with the ticker name for your tokens.

  3. Replace all instances of <your_STO> with the name of your STO; in many cases, this will be “<your_company> STO”. Make sure the search and replace is case insensitive.

  4. Where you made a replacement at the start of a sentence, capitalize as required.

  5. On page 4, place a link to your homepage in the following sentence:

    To register, navigate to the <your_STO> page:

  6. Delete the KYC chapter if you are not using Onfido KYC. Also remove the reference to KYC in the Introduction chapter.

  7. Update screenshots that have changed because of your own branding with new screenshots from your branded STO. The screenshot on page 5 (the Dashboard) should reflect whether you are using KYC.

  8. Give your User Guide a final readthrough. Check the title of the doc is as you require.

  9. Update the table of contents.