Distributing premine funds

This next step is not strictly essential in order to deploy a smart contact on the network that you have created. At this stage, the miner could theoretically deploy a smart contract using the funds from the premine wallet. However, rather than just run a solo node, we are going to create a network and give two other nodes the chance to work with smart contracts.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure the miner node is up and running.

  2. Run the first standard node:

  1. Connect to node 1 using Swagger: http://localhost:38202/swagger/index.html

  2. Use the /api/Wallet/mnemonic and api/Wallet/create API calls to create a wallet named “LSC_node1_wallet”.

  3. Use the /api/SmartContractWallet/account-addresses API call to get an address to pay funds to. Choosing a smart contract account address has advantages if you are going work with smart contracts.

  4. Connect to the miner using Swagger: http://localhost:38201/swagger/index.html

  5. Use the /api/Wallet/build-transaction API call to build a transaction that sends 100 LSC tokens from the miner’s wallet to the smart contract account address from LSC_node1_wallet. For convenience, you can copy the following into the request and update the password and destinationAddress:

  "feeAmount": "0.02",
  "password": "miner_wallet_password",
  "walletName": "LSC_miner_wallet",
  "accountName": "account 0",
  "outpoints": [
  "recipients": [
      "destinationAddress": "node_smart_contract_account_address",
      "amount": "100"
  "opReturnData": "",
  "opReturnAmount": "0",
  "feeType": "",
  "allowUnconfirmed": true,
  "shuffleOutputs": true
  1. Use the /api/Wallet/send-transaction API call to broadcast the contract to the network.

  2. After a short time, LSC_node1_wallet should contain a balance of 100 LSC tokens.

Repeat the process for node 2 (http://localhost:38203/swagger/index.html) but name the wallet “LSC_node2_wallet”.

Both nodes should now contain 100 LSC tokens. Either of these nodes can now be used to deploy the “Hello World” smart contract in Tutorial 2.